About ChuforiaGraffix

At ChuforiaGraffix we help give your car a personal touch, protect it, or just make it cooler. Whether it’s a set of race #’s, stripes, a computer cut clear bra kit, a complete color change vehicle wrap, a simple sticker (or hundreds..), or even just a custom T-shirt (or a bunch), we can make that happen for you.

There are many materials on the market. Working at this for over a decade we’ve seen them all and only use the highest quality available. It really does make a difference. Vinyl from us looks like paint. Vinyl from the other guys…looks lke a sticker.

Computer cut clear bra kits can be made for nearly any modern car or motorcycle. Full coverage fronts, lights, and even doors, fenders, rockers, quarter panels, etc available for many. Kits are even available for you European customers for your S1 Lotus cars, Caterhams, etc. If you’re local, ask for a product demo and I’ll let you drop your keys on my Lotus. That’s belief in the product I sell. 75K miles later and it’s still paint chip free.

Want the color of your vehicle changed? We can do an entire paint replacement vehicle wrap which will look just like custom paint. Gloss and matte metallic finishes available, and even chrome, color changing, and textures such as brushed metal, snake skin, leather, etc. Look in my galleries for work completed on Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Lotus, Porsche, etc. Don’t worry your MINI, Mustang, or Motorcycle will still be no problem.

Most products are custom made to order, so just because you don’t see something here, please don’t hesitate to ask. Items are made and shipped out every day that aren’t listed here on the site- shirts, stickers, clear bra kits, in house wraps, promotional products, signage, banners, brake caliper decals, etc etc. If you have an idea, lets talk about it. If you have art, send it.

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