Adhesive Racing Graphics


Set of 2 adhesive racing numbers (one for each door).

Choose style and colors from menu.

Adhesive graphics are made from the finest German vinyl rated to last 10-12 years outdoors. They will not crack, fade, or peel. They will hold up to the elements, and when you choose to remove them they come off easily and cleanly without leaving a bunch of adhesive behind on your paint. Don’t settle for someone using inferior sign vinyl on your paint which will crack, peel, and leave you gunked up.

These meet the rules for SCCA, NASA, etc. The class letters are also available, contact me with your needs.  They are perfect for your Autocross event, track day, HPDE, etc. Look professional, even if you aren’t. Just say no to blue tape. You have a nice car, leave the ghetto numbers to the kids in the beat up multi-colored Civics. Do your fellow racers a favor and don’t ruin their track day photographs with tape numbers. A photographer friend of mine often loses business from people who won’t purchase photos because other cars in them have tape numbers.


Once removed adhesive graphics will stretch and are not reusable.

They should be applied with a white plastic squeegee. Instructions are included.